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Past Events

19 | 06 | 2024

Circular Economy
14 | 06 | 2024

National Corporate Volunteering Give & Gain Day

An extraordinary opportunity for all companies to get involved and help public benefit organizations, local communities, including diverse target groups, through their volunteers, all over the Czech Republic.
07 | 06 | 2024

European Diversity Day 2024: DIVERSITY & INCLUSION CHAMPIONS

Celebrate with us 10 years of the Diversity Charter in the Czech Republic and join us for our special event!
European Diversity Day
01 | 05 | 2024
31 | 05 | 2024

May 2024 - European Diversity Month

European Diversity Month is open to all companies to engage in activities in the context of the central theme. The leitmotif for 2024 is "Building Bridges for Future Work."
At the same time, on 1 May 2024 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic's accession to the EU.
European Diversity Month
28 | 05 | 2024

Supporting young talents - investing in our future

Event-networking will focus on a current topic: working with and supporting young talents.
European Diversity Month Young in the Labour Market
21 | 05 | 2024

Cultural Adaptability at Workplace - Webinar is organized as a part of the European Diversity Month

We sincerely invite you to an webinar on the multicultural diversity as a key topic in many companies and in society as such. The guarantor of the workshop is company Tietoevry.
European Diversity Month
14 | 05 | 2024

Women in the media: Round table within the Future is Female platform

The first round table will open the topic of women in the media - what is the situation of women working in media houses in the Czech Republic and in what positions do they work and how do they manage to reconcile their work, often very time-consuming, with childcare.
European Diversity Month Future is Female Platform
23 | 04 | 2024

Conference MOTHERS and FATHER WELCOME 2024 - Parents at Work

This year's conference will open the topic of shortening parental leave in the Czech Republic. The shortening of parental leave is a topic that provokes a great societal debate, both for its supporters and opponents. We want to look at the facts and the positive benefits to the economy and the Czech labor market without strained emotions, and also look at the opinion of the parents and employers themselves